Sport and trad clinic open to all levels




October 8 & 9, 2022


Welcome to the New! A plethora of devilishly techy sport and trad climbing awaits you on the bullet hard sedimentary Nuttall Sandstone. A rock climber’s paradise with over 3,000 routes!

New to sport climbing? New to trad climbing? Beginning with outdoor climbing fundamentals, IRIS will teach you the skills to be a competent climbing partner outside in the single pitch environment. Then we will delve into the nuances of lead climbing whether you’d like to focus on sport, trad or both!


Looking to develop and feel more confident in your skills? IRIS is here to take you to the next level in your climbing progression. We create the environment you seek whether working on trad placements, practicing falling and catching, or working through the mental lead climbing component.


IRIS guides are EXCELLENT educators; skilled at communicating and coaching, great at taking a big concept and breaking it into digestible steps, and dedicated to facilitating an educational environment where participants can absorb and apply the information.


The folks you’ll climb with will become fast friends. A two day program is the right amount of time to progress in your climbing, build new belaytionships, and enjoy the beauty of fall at the New!!

Friday, October 7th

5-6pm:  Meet and Greet:  Gear, Goals and Group Gathering in Fayetteville, WV. Exact meet location TBD


Saturday, October 8th

8:30am:  Meet up

9am-5pm: Climb


Sunday, October 9th

8:30am:  Meet up

9am-4pm:  Climb

4-5pm:  Wrap-up


2 Days Guided Climbing in the New River Gorge

4:1 Guest to Guide Ratio

minimum of 2 participants required


Not Included:




Personal Climbing Gear

Personal Climbing Clothing

Guide Gratuity

Travel insurance  (highly recommended!!)

Incurred costs by leaving a trip early

Incurred costs as a result of force majeure


Travel Recommendations:

Closest Airport:

● Harness
● Helmet
● Rock Shoes
● Belay Device plus Locking Carabiner
● Chalk (optional)
● Belay gloves (optional)
● Crack climbing gloves (hand jammies): optional
● Any personal items you’d like to use/try during the clinic
Ie. Quickdraws; rock pro; anchoring materials
● Approach shoes (or close-toed hiking shoes/ sneakers)
● Day pack: 30-40L
● 2L+ Water / Hydration


Clothes & Extras:
● Climbing pant or short (shorts long enough to fit under harness legloops)
● Long sleeve sun shirt (recommended to keep cool and keep sun off)
● Tank top / sports bra
● Rain jacket
● Insulating jacket (light puff or similar)
● Ball cap / sun hat
● Sunscreen
● Sunglasses
● Personal first aid kit
Guides will carry one; only if you specifically need something: ie. epi pen, benadryl, personal meds, blister care


Camping Overnight Needs:
● Tent
● Sleeping bag
● Sleeping pad
● Cooler
● Cook kit (stove / fuel)
● Eating utensils, bowl, plate
● Toiletries
● Headlamp
● Water jugs with water filled



Breakfasts, lunch / snacks, dinner

Bring food you know you like to eat!

Water energy/electrolyte tablets are nice for hot locations


Elaina Arenz

AMGA Rock Guide
AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide

AMGA Assistant Rock Guide