The IRIS Vision

We are passionate about sharing our community.

When we look over the sea of climbers and skiers who make up our community, who isn’t there? When we look at a roster of guide service employees, who is missing?


IRIS stands for Inclusive Rock Ice Ski. The roots of this word stem from the name Iris meaning rainbow and words we value to embody: trust, honor, hope and valor. Trust in our climbing and skiing partnerships; honoring who we are and who we can become through challenge and encouragement; hope to create and strengthen a more diverse outdoor community; and the valor to face these challenges in our lives. The iris flower represents community. We feel it is perfectly emblematic of this community that has blossomed over 20 years and will continue to flourish.


IRIS is committed to supporting and building strong women, non-binary and trans leaders in the outdoors. We believe in continued growth. As IRIS, our mission is to inspire our clients to explore the outdoors and challenge themselves physically and mentally. We will continue to lead with some of the best guides and instructors in the industry and build a strong, empowering, and supportive environment for all adventure seekers. Our offerings are women-specific and gender-fluid with occasional family and partner programs and programs for other underserved groups. All programs are led by our team of world-class women and non-binary guides.


We welcome you to our community.

What We Offer