Multi-pitch rock climbing for the aspiring alpinist




September 27 & 28, 2022


The Black is a behemoth! We camp at the rim, drop in through gullies via scrambling and rappelling then proceed to climb back out. If you multi-pitch rock climb and want to experience another level of magnitude, look no further than the breathtaking Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

The Black, as it’s lovingly referred to: a canyon with jaw-dropping massive depth and endless towering rock. You want to climb here!


Prerequisites. Let’s face it. You’ve got to be a solid 5.10 climber indoors, have multi-pitched climbed outside at 5.9 or higher, and comfortable with exposure. This canyon is 2700ft deep. If that all makes you grin with excitement, this clinic is for you!


The IRIS experience. Why climb at the Black with us? What will you glean from this experience? Tools and tricks of the trade from station management to efficient multi-pitch techniques; lessons in movement; how we manage bigger terrain; a supportive environment allowing you to push yourself.


New friends! This could be your opportunity to meet future multi-pitch climbing partners. Big day objectives at a 2:1 guest to guide ratio followed by relaxing evenings at the campground alongside the canyon rim

Monday, September 26:

5-6pm: Meet and Greet: Gear, Goals and Group Gathering

Meet @ the North Rim Ranger Station


Tuesday, September 27:

Early rise

6:30am-4pm: Climb

Evening discussion of tomorrow’s agenda & goals


Wednesday, September 28:

Early rise

6:30am-4pm: Climb

4-5pm: Wrap-up discussion


2 Guided Climbing Days in the Black Canyon

2:1 guest to guide ratio

minimum of 2 participants required

Camping @ The North Rim of the Black Canyon campground


Not Included:



Personal Climbing Gear

Personal Climbing Clothing

Guide Gratuity

Travel insurance (highly recommended!!)

Incurred costs by leaving a trip early

Incurred costs as a result of force majeure


Travel Recommendations:

Closest airport: Montrose or Grand Junction


● Harness
● Helmet
● Rock Shoes
● Belay Device plus 2 Locking Carabiners
● Chalk (optional)
● Belay gloves (optional)
● Crack climbing gloves (hand jammies): optional
● Personal tether such as PAS or 4ft sling
● Approach shoes (or close-toed hiking shoes/ sneakers)
● Multi-pitch day pack: 15-20L
● 2L+ Water / Hydration


Clothes & Extras:
● Climbing pant or short (shorts long enough to fit under harness legloops)
● Long sleeve sun shirt (recommended to keep cool and keep sun off)
● Tank top / sports bra
● Rain jacket
● Insulating jacket (light puff or similar)
● Ball cap / sun hat
● Sunscreen
● Sunglasses
● Personal first aid kit
Guides will carry one; only if you specifically need something: ie. epi pen, benadryl, personal meds, blister care


Camping Overnight Needs:

● Tent
● Sleeping bag
● Sleeping pad
● Cooler
● Cook kit (stove / fuel)
● Eating utensils, bowl, plate
● Toiletries
● Headlamp
● Water jugs with water filled


● Breakfast, lunch / snacks, dinner
This will depend on # of days of your program
*Be sure to bring food you know you like to eat
*Hydration tablets are recommended for your water in hot climates


Lindsay Fixmer

AMGA Rock Guide
AMGA Alpine Guide

Kristin Arnold guide and climber

IFMGA Mountain Guide
AMGA Ski Guide
AMGA Alpine Guide
AMGA Rock Guide

Sheldon Kerr climber

IFMGA Mountain Guide
AMGA Ski Guide
AMGA Alpine Guide
AMGA Rock Guide

Heidi Wirtz climber and guide

AMGA Rock Guide
AMGA Apprentice Alpine Guide