One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to participate in the various clinics offered by Chicks Climbing and Skiing. Due to the technical expertise and knowledge of their highly professional guides, I quickly developed a great foundation of skills that I could build on while becoming a confident and safe climber. In addition, the exposure to like-minded people in the clinics resulted in my acquiring not just lifelong climbing partners but also lifelong friends.


What could be better than hearing the sound of an ice axe going THUNK deep into the ice? Well … the sound of a solid stick when YOU are swinging the tool, of course! Well-balanced, calmly on your front-points, high up on an icy cliff. Over the years, I have been fortunate to go adventuring with Chicks through the pleasures of the Ouray Ice Park, to the magic of arctic Iceland, to wild, wonderful Wyoming. The journey has been one filled with laughter and learning – the learning not only about climbing but also encompassing the many life lessons of the mountains.


CWP is truly a unique, supportive and adventurous venue for meeting awe-inspiring instructors and like minded women who want to explore their boundaries in a safe and fun-loving environment. As a graduate of multiple ice climbing clinics, I credit them with giving me confidence and skills to lead, and I treasure the friendships I have made along the journey, proud of my Chicks With Picks heritage.